“I’m recommending it to my vast audience on Rocky Top because it hits all the right notes. In music, perfectly played music is referred to as playing ‘in the pocket.’ Well, Rebuilding Year is ‘in the pocket’. What a wonderful book! Great reading!”

— Tony Basilio, 99.7 FM, Knoxville

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Welcome to the website for Rebuilding Year, a young adult novel about a boy, his father, and the 1998 Tennessee Volunteers. This book is about Charlie Trotter, a twelve year old boy who finds out that his parents are getting divorced just prior to the 1998 season. With Peyton Manning gone the Volunteers have to make some adjustments of their own. With a little faith and hard work, the team keeps winning against the odds and Charlie finds out that good things can happen during a rebuilding year. [spacer height=”30px”]

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